what we offer

24 Hour Roadside Assistance & Recovery

/ damage free

IVR Certified

We pride ourselves in damage free recovery, effective recovery to ensure no or minimal damage is caused further by us in any operation we undertake.
Institute of Vehicle Recovery Modules:


Transporter (Tilt and Slide)


Advanced Winching


Lorry Loaders (Cranes)

/ lone assist

Rapid Response & Support

/01What is lone assist?

Lone and/or Vulnerable persons Assist is a service offered to those awaiting recovery, offering reasurance and safety at the roadside whether in a car, van or a mobility scooter.
We will come and wait with you ensuring you're safety and peace of mind that someone is with you.

/02Why to use this service?

Should you or a family member be at the roadside we can send out an operative to ensure a safe environment until a recovery vehicle arrives thus eliminating anxiety and worry.
Even if we at Stewart's Recovery are not attending to you're recovery we can still assist.

/03Cost of this service?

To help cover our costs in this service it's only naturel we charge a fee for insurance, fuel and wages as we won't leave you stranded.