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24/7 Breakdown and Incident Recovery Specialists


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When you need assistance following a breakdown or incident, give us a call.

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Winching Specialists

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  • Full Recovery

    Vehicles such as accident damage and on/off road winching.

  • Insurance Security

    We are fully insured with Road Risk, Public Liability and Goods in Transit.

  • Professional

    Off road incidents where the vehicle needs winching back to the highway.

  • No job too Small

    Run Out of Fuel or just need a Jump Start? Give us a call, we can help.

  • RTC Rescue

    Road Traffic Recovery Specialists following an accident on or off road.

  • Specialist Service

    On/Off Road Winching, Accident and Breakdown Recovery Specialists.

A wealth of knowledge and experience

Stewart's Specialist Recovery

Based in Hull, East Yorkshire with 30 years experience in the recovery industry on light and heavy vehicles from roadside breakdowns to off road and overturn specialist work, we can help you in the Hull and East Yorkshire region with:

What a Catch

A touch of fishing on a Monday morning

Stuck in Mud

This was down a one lane track

Lessons to All

Stay off grass verges

Peeka Boo

Took a while but we caught it

Overturned Car

Even at a slow speed you can overturn

It was a slippy day

2nd within an Hour

Flat tyre ?

Yes a flat tyre on the trailer carrying the boat

Dancing on Ice

Slip Slide and off you go

Thirsty ?

3RD Party Only

Overturned Astra

It was a tad slippy and he lost control on the black ice

our testimonials

What our clients say

David J
Got helped for Lift

Not a breakdown or recovery per say but over all excellent work in lifting and moving my porta cabin office across our yard thanks

James S
Got helped for Off Road

Excellent service and very professional to say the least, recovered my car without no further damage - Thank You!

Karl B
Got helped for Accident

Thank you for getting to me so fast and moving my car after an accident, I would also like to thank you for getting me to work and storing my car

Bernard K. Guzman
Got helped for Out of Fuel

How embarrassing but you guys really made me feel comfortable and it's not just me so i thank you for the speedy response and swift turnaround for me to be on my way again, thank you!

Anne D. Burke
Got helped for In a ditch

Sorry it has taken me this long to get a thank you note sent out for the best service I have ever received, from the recovery to the great kindness shown at a difficult time.


Blog / News

What to Do While Waiting

In the event of a breakdown or traffic incident, You're first priority is the safety of you and any other persons in you're

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Ask for Stewart's

In the event of a traffic incident where the Police or Highways require the removal of you're vehicle, ask for Stewart's.

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